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Domain Access 7.x.3.x supports Drush version 3.x and higher. The following commands are available. Type 'drush help' for more information.

drush domain-list

Shows a table of the domains registered for your site. You may use 'drush domains' as a shortcut command.

drush domain-add DOMAIN 'SITENAME' --options

Add a new domain to your site. The DOMAIN parameter is required and must be unique and validly formed (e.g. Possible options are:

  • inactive=1/0: Set the domain to inactive by passing 1. Default is 0.
  • https=1/0: Set the domain to use https instead of http by passing 1. Default is 0.
  • weight=X: Set the weight of the domain to an integer value. Default is 0.

Sample command:
drush domain-add 'My New Site' --https=1

Will create the domain:

  • sitename: My New Site
  • subdomain:
  • valid: yes
  • scheme: https://
  • weight: 0

drush generate-domains BASE_DOMAIN --count=15

Autogenerate a set of domains for testing. Aliased to 'drush gend'. Will use the provided BASE_DOMAIN as the primary domain, defaulting to ''.

This command creates domains in the format *.BASE_DOMAIN. The BASE_DOMAIN must be properly formed. By default, the command will create 15 new domains, but you may specify the number using --count=X.

The domains created are the words one through ten (1-10), foo, bar, baz, and the non-matching domain 'myBASE_DOMAIN', which is used for cookie testing. Site names are simple uppercase versions of the 3rd-level domain element. All domains are set to use http:// and are set as valid. Weighting is auto-incremented by creation order.

Creating more than 15 domains will begin incrementing domains with numeric 3rd-level elements, such as 20.BASE_DOMAIN.

The purpose of this command is to help in User Experience (UX) testing, since many aspects of the user interface must change to accommodate large numbers of domains. The defaults are optimized for the maintainer's development environment, and will not be altered.

Sample command:
drush gend --count=20

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