Do You know, Jeff, if it is possible to make different color schemes (at least) for different domains in multisite configuration using Domain Access?


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Actually I don't know to be honest, I'd need to test that out and its actually been quite a while since I last used Domain Access (about a year ago on D6). I don't have time to do that sort of testing right now, maybe later in April I could find some time.

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OK, I will try to test and inform You.

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i use domain access with this theme with different color schemes and it worked just fine :D
but i'm using version 6.x - i havent tested with version 7.x

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Version: 7.x-1.0 » 7.x-2.0

It works out of the box with Domain Access on 7.x-2.0. I just tested it with 6 different domains created using Domain Access.

To use it, you have to enable the Domain Theme module.

Then, go to Structure->Domains

Click the theme link for each domain.

Your default domain can be edited from the Appearance link.

I'm using the Footheme subtheme inheriting from the Pixture Reloaded.

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Awesome news, so what is the setup you are using - do you have Adaptivetheme and Pixture Reloaded in sites/all/themes and you set the theme configuration from within Domain Access - no need to copy or build extra subthemes etc?

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I have adaptivetheme, pixture_reloaded, and footheme and then my copy of footheme in sites/all/themes.

After a little bit of research the Domain Access Issue queue, I discovered that the management of the themes is done from the Domain access area.

No extra configuration necessary other than what is needed for the setting up of the subtheme of pixture_reloaded from the copy of footheme.

Until I configured my themes from the Domain Access theme settings, all sites looked the same.

Basically, you cannot configure your theme for each domain from the Appearance area. You have to configure from Domain Access.

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Change to documentation task, I want to write this up as a how to guide. Thanks for all the feedback, really useful information.

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Version: 7.x-2.0 » 6.x-3.2

Since each domain's theme must be adjusted from Domain Access, this means that in order for individual domain owners to edit colors, logo etc of their assigned theme, I must give their specific role "administer domains" permissions? When I do so, the user now has access to the theme settings for all domains. Is there a way to limit their access to only the theme settings of their assigned domains?

Thanks in advance!

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robidigital, this module may help you: