very awesome all round ...

running into an issue here.
knowing full well it's beta and SM2 has been mentioned as needing work...

when selecting the player for SM2 as
UI360 - with visualization

I get the same player as
UI360 - small

have poked around in the soundmanager2.module in swftools a bit, but just don't know enough about it yet.
my figuring is that the the .js etc it is pointing to for the visualization just isn't working correctly (others do)

any thoughts?
am I misunderstanding what the visualization one should be ... I assumed it was this ..

which to my mind is the the one I can show my client to make them the most excited (even if I don't end up using it ;)

any insight would be appreciated.


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Status: Active » Postponed

SoundManager 2 support is largely experimental at the moment. It needs quite a bit of work, so for now I'm going to postpone further work and focus on getting a function 6.x-3.x release out (with SM2 as it is).

However, I will come back to this, so if you find other issues, or find solutions to any of them, please continue to post so I can re-open them.


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Same issue here. Module works great with SM2 and Views playlist field . . . just shows same player for both settings as described in original post.

I am looking into a fix and will post the resolution once I have it . . .

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Status: Postponed » Needs review

Make the following chanes in swftools_soundmanager2.module and the admin options will work to display the simple or visual player. The HTML just needed the .ui360-vis class.

 * Implements ui360 player.

function theme_swftools_soundmanager2_ui360($file, $data) {
  $html = '';

  if (!$data['othervars']['playlist_data']) {
    $html .= '
'; } else { foreach ($data['othervars']['playlist_data']['playlist'] as $play) { $html .= '
'; $html .= '
'; $html .= '
'; } } return $html; } */ function theme_swftools_soundmanager2_ui360($file, $data) { $html = ''; $i= 0; if (!$data['othervars']['playlist_data']) { $html .= '
'; } else { foreach ($data['othervars']['playlist_data']['playlist'] as $play) { $html .= '
'; $html .= '
'; $html .= '
'; $i++; } } return $html; }