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Goal of this documentation

Illustrate the setup and use of the Private Download module in combination with the CCK FileField module.


Your Drupal 6 site has a Public file system but you have files which require access rules. This is the Public/Private File system conundrum. The following tutorial demonstrates how to solve this problem using the Private Download module.


- A Drupal 6 site setup with a Public file system pointing to "sites/default/files".
- CCK and CCK FileField modules are installed and enabled.

Pre-installation environment

- There shouldn't be a private folder in sites/default/files/
$ ls -al sites/default/files
- If your Drupal code is found in then you're in a sub-directory. If this is the case, set the base_url in settings.php to represent this.

Install and enable Private Download

- Visit the Private Download Module project page.
- See additional details here.

Check Private Download settings


- If you're in a sub-directory check the RewriteBase rule and prepend your directory name to it if it isn't there already:
RewriteBase /[optional-subdirectory]/system/files/private
- No other changes should be necessary. Save configuration.

Check the "private" directory

- Optional

$ ls -al sites/default/files/private
- The directory should contain an .htaccess file

Set up access permissions


- Specify which Roles can access private files by allowing that role to "access private download directory."
- Of course, you can create your own roles (admin/user/roles).
- Save permissions

Configure CCK FileField

- Add a CCK FileField to a content type, call them myFile and myContentType, respectively.

- When configuring myFile go to Path settings > File path and specify the private directory. Any files uploaded through this field will end up in the "private" directory.

Confirm Private Download is functioning as expected

- Create a myContentType and upload a file to myFile, we will use test_download.txt as an example. Save.
- Left click on test_download.txt, it should download (or open in browser).
- Right click on test_download.txt > Copy Link Location
- Logout of your website
- Clear your browser's cache and download history
- Open a new browser tab and try either of these URL's (both should produce an "Access denied" error:

Note: The second URL should be re-written to the first in the browser.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.