For on of the sites we are developing we were tasked to implement a slideshow of flash elements. These flash have a certain animation for a set amount of time before they finish, let's say 5 seconds. After that the rotator transitions into the next element and so the next flash animation starts. Also if you click on the next or previous buttons the next flash animation will begin even tho it was in the middle of the last animation.

My point is, this works out of the box (just installing views rotator and assigning swftools to the content type's cck) in Firefox and Chrome, but in IE the animations will run only the first time when the page is loaded, and after that it just shows the end of the animation (The flash won't reload).

To implement this we are just using the basic configuration of views rotator with previous and next buttons. And for swftools we are using the embedding option " jQuery Flash plugin - JavaScript". I also tried with "Direct embedding - do not use JavaScript replacement" but it still didn't work.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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