I have no interest in providing a Drupal 7 version of this module instead I plan to leverage either the Content Access module D7 release or collaborate with several community members to provide a new module for global D7 security.

Thoughts about Global Security Policies in Drupal 7

Content Access Issue on Drupal 7 Port

I wonder if integrating with the entity access module would provide the most coverage for security?


Mainly because D7 is based on the entity system and this module provides the CRUD API for almost every object.


I'm curious if just adding a GUI would allow for the ability to not only define role and user level access to actions (view, edit, delete) of content types but also users, files, whatever is an entity?


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I am currently following all D7 issues for Content Access and when time allows I hope to help the members working on the D7 build.


Noted issue discussions on security in the Drupal Issue Universe.

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This module is the best I have seen so far so I'm sad it won't be developed for D7. Content Access module uses word that are confusing for the end user. Instead of "View" you have "View any content:", which doesn't makes sense for the end user when trying to restrict access per node. Also this module allows one to grand access to user by entering the user's name in the same tab. All easy and straight forward. I see no reason why this module should be abandoned for others when this is better. If you are too busy to continue development then I understand. Thank you for the great module.:(