I've done a basic upgrade to 5.0 since I needed it for my site. I've included it here in case it might save you some time. I think I've covered everything (I've been thru the 'upgrade to 5' page and checked it against that), and I have it working fine on my local XP, PHP5.1 machine and the Linux, PHP4.4 server - both Apache. I can't say I've exhaustively tested all feature of it, but it seems to work (i.e. the teasers have changed!). .info file to follow.

Also... the module I'm including includes the patch at http://drupal.org/node/85729

Oh... I hacked the module on XP so it may have cr/lf line endings... and also I may have used the occasional tab instead of double space.

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.info file..

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Any word on official development of a 5.0 version of this module? Or is this patch ready to be committed?

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I can confirm that the patch works great :D

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Just uploaded the superteaser.module for 5 and I'm unable to open the info file, it says access forbidden. I tried using the module by itself but it doesn't show up on my modules page to enable it. Also, is there supposed to be a php end tag ? > at the end of the module? If you have the info text could you post it here for copying? I don't exactly know how modules function but I'm thinking that the info file must be present for it to show up on module page?


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Here's the superteaser.info file again. rename it to get rid of the .txt.
Also, modules don't need the closing ?> so you could remove that. That was in the original module and i didn't spot it.

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i copied the module file and info file, created a folder called superteaser under the modules folder, and turned on the module.

Drupal then asks for me to do a db update, which I did but got errors though it appears in drupal.

So, created some content and put in a break statement but it was ignored.

so as far as I can tell, it's not working. :(

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I can confirm it works (tested on 5.1) :

  • download the 4.7 version, extract it
  • download the new module, replace the 4.7 one by the new one
  • download the .info file, put it in the same folder as the module, edit it, replace "Seperteaser" with "Superteaser" :)
  • go to your Drupal site, enable the superteaser module
  • run the upgrade scripts (why is this needed ?)
  • you're done...
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Hi !

here is another patch for Drupal 5.0. When editing a node and previewing modification before submitting it, it's the regular teaser generation which gets called, not superteaser. Which can break the display if the node contains tables, div, ... This patch handles this case.


PS : to be applied against the 5.0 module