I get this error in the IE 8 'tagName' is null or not an object and the dialog also not appears.

Also I tried to make a research, but without any luck.
The Dialog works perfekt in the other browsers so I'm struggling now where to look for a fix.
i use jquery 1.3.2 and the actual core 6.20 of pressflow.


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Please turn of js aggr. and tell me the line the error occurs.

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Hello Eugen,

so I turn off the javascript aggregation and I put the javscripts in the header (changed this for performance reasons to the bottom), but still the same problem.

The error is called in the function ReplaceVideoElements() line 73
var tag = element.tagName.toLowerCase();

Module jQuery update
File ../jquery_update/replace/jquery.js

I can see that the IE is creating and showing the iframe ad the bottom of the page and then he is redirecting to the called page. No dialog design is visible. Just the plain iframe for a few seconds.

I hope this informations will help you.

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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

This has nothing to do with jquery.ui.dialog .... its not even in the module / file nor a function fo it.

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Hey Eugen,

1000 thx I am absolutly not an IE user and I used the computer from a friend for the check. He installed some suspicios modules. They caused all the proiblems. The dialog script is working like a chaarm. Thx for kicking me on the idea that something else could cause the problems.

I love open source...

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Check out if you have insalled the divX Plugin in IE.

In my case this damned plugin caused the same error.

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Anyone found a solution how to fix it or how to block divX plugin to run?

Thansk a lot.

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Deinstall DivX Web Player - or deactive the plugin. At least in IE9 there is such an option under "Add-Ons".

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I believe this may be an issue with jquery_update not necessarily dialog. I have two installations and one has jquery update enabled and one does not, and the one without it worked fine. The version is jquery_update 6.x-2.0-alpha1

Disabling jquery_update fixed the issue but obviously leaves me without the additional update functionality.

*edit* To clarify, I do not use dialog.

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jquery_ui_dialog _requires_ jquery 1.3, though it needs jquery_update.