Is it difficult to add skinr's features in layout studio ?

I have read Skinr's documentation, (but I don't understand everything...)
I have tried a lot of things like adding print $skinr; in block.tpl.php file.
Nothing is working...

Thanks for your help


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Status: Active » Fixed

Since there is currently no support for Skinr in our theme, your question would be better place in the Skinr issue queue.

There is also the Skinr documentation, which discusses how to add the features to your theme: http://drupal.org/node/578574#theme

Please note that adding native Skinr support is on our to-do list for LayoutStudio, but for D7. Not entirely sure if it will be backported to 6.


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Thanks for your answer rene,

I have done everything here : http://drupal.org/node/578574#theme but... without succes.
That's why I ask here if somebody has allready done this before.
By the way layout studio is a cool theme for doing exactly what we need without reinventing the wheel :) !
And I really hope skinr will be integrated in version 6.x because i'm not able to do that.


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Hi SoNic,

Thanks. We will keep your request under consideration.


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I will take a stab at this. :)

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Status: Fixed » Active

Hi SoNic,

Please note that with the help of bmx629, we have successfully integrated Sknir to LayoutStudio for D6 2.x, and it will be out shortly.


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Skinr and 960.gs true 960 grid with push pull prefix suffix and more. It rocks.

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Hi Sonic,

I have used Skinr with layout studio before. There are a couple of screencasts that may help:


there is also a group that may also be able to help: http://groups.drupal.org/skinr

When I used skinr I added this to the .info file of my sub theme:

;Skinr settings
;skinr[skin_system_name][title] = Title
;skinr[skin_system_name][type] = checkboxes
;skinr[skin_system_name][type] = radios
;skinr[skin_system_name][type] = select

;Block full
skinr[skin_block_width][title] = Block width
skinr[skin_block_width_desc][description] = Select width of block
skinr[skin_block_full][options][1][label] = Full
skinr[skin_block_fifty][options][2][label] = 50%
skinr[skin_block_thirty][options][3][label] = 33%
skinr[skin_block_seventy][options][4][label] = 67%
skinr[skin_block_full][options][1][class] = full
skinr[skin_block_fifty][options][2][class] = fifty
skinr[skin_block_thirty][options][3][class] = thirty
skinr[skin_block_seventy][options][4][class] = seventy

The top skinr settings define the types and then I created the Block settings below the "block full" which enabled me to select the width of the block through the skinr settings.

Once those settings were defined in the .info file I created a block.tlp.php and at the very top of the template above <div id="block-<?php print $block->module .'-'. $block->delta; ?>" class="<?php print $block_classes; ?> clearfix">

I placed the skinr opening tag <div id="<?php print $skinr; ?>">

and at the bottom below this </div><!-- ID block-<?php print $block->module .'-'. $block->delta; ?> CLASS <?php print $block_classes; ?> -->

I placed the skinr closing tag </div> <!-- End skinr -->

Skinr was then available to me through the block interface to select full, 33% or 67% on the block width.

Then in my css I placed:

#fifty {
#seventy {
#thirty {

I am not sure why the skinr settings say class and it outputs an id and the module may have changed since I used it but I hope this helps.



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Status: Active » Needs review

@karensmallwood & @sonic

Skinr support has been graciously provided by the hard work of bmx269. You can find the projects on github right now. There should be a release sometime soon but with the upcoming move to git at drupal.org it might be a bit longer.

Get the latest developments:


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Status: Needs review » Postponed

The implementation of Skinr will postponed until the project can get its act together and release stable version for D7 and for D6.x-2.x