I have the permission "access user profiles" set on a site for all roles which means that every time I use ImageCache Profiles, the image will automatically link to the users page.

However, I have a list of articles on my site (which I display using Views) and besides these I display a picture of the author of the article. I've set the node titles to link to the articles, but the image always links to the user page. On the site I was creating it was requested that the user picture also could link to the node.

I got around this by putting the imagecache_profiles_preprocess_user_picture() function into my own template.php but I had to duplicate about 30 lines of code from that function to get the desired effect (basically remove lines 73-79 in the module). The end result is that my function returns just the theme_imagecache result and not the linked result, with or without the "access user profiles" permission set. However, my admin theme is different to my site theme so I can't preview the results properly in Views, but it does appear to work fine on the front-end.

I also had to copy the user-picture.tpl.php file in to my theme folder and remove the


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The above penultimate paragraph should read -

I also had to copy the user-picture.tpl.php file in to my theme folder and remove the <div class="picture"> because Views was wrapping my new <a href="node/[nid]"> tag around the <div class="picture"> and making the page invalid.

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I have the same issue. I've set the user image field to be output as a link in my view, but the path is being discarded for the user/UID path instead.

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having same problem than #2. I need to link the image's profile to a different url but it is not changing when I configure the path within the view.

this post is about this issue: http://drupal.org/node/720772

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I need the same - just want to use profile picture without linking to profile picture...

Using view I can get a picture but this already goes with a link to such profile and I want to make a link to a node that also displayes such picture as a thumbnail...

So what I need is using profile picture in thumbnail and previe node mode with proper linking to a node

Maybe some changes in the file profile.module will help??

Or in some template?