I have a problem , i did it on D6 but here with D7 I cant

I have the last release of token & custom breadcrumbs , and cant realize nodereference token in custom breadcrumbs config page

maybe anybody can help me :)


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Update: this is wrong.

I think you are seeing something similar to the issue I just posted. Check out: #1021716: Placeholder Tokens Issue

The jist: the placeholder tokens seem to be drupal 6 tokens, not drupal 7 tokens. If you are using those, it may not be working. Try finding your breadcrumb token for the nodereference using another module that lists drupal 7 tokens (like auto nodetitles).

Let me know if that helps.

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No luck , installed the module but there is no new token for nodereference :(

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Shoot my bad. You currently have to patch your Token module with #691078: Field tokens to see field tokens in Drupal 7. Add that patch and you should see the nodereference.

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Oh and after you apply the patch, make sure to clear your site's cache. That way you'll be able to view the new token fields.

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Just updating this again. I was wrong about posting #1. The tokens do appear correctly in custom breadmarks.

AbdullahR, once you patch tokens with #691078: Field tokens, you should see the fields appear in the placeholder section of custom breadmarks under the "Node" section.

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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Fields do indeed appear after applying this patch but not the node-reference ones!

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Ah that's too bad node references aren't in there yet. According to #66 of #691078: Field tokens, only text and term reference fields are currently available but references will eventually be supported when the patch is done.

I hope that that patch gets fixed soon. I need it for some things too.

Since it turns out this is a token issue rather than a custom breadcrumbs issue, I am going to close this thread as fixed.

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thanks for your support all ;)

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Well it wasn't the best support that's for sure. First I sent ya down the wrong path and then, second, node references weren't even available yet. :(

Guess we got it eventually but I'll try to be better next time. Thanks for being a good sport and best of luck with your projects!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Do the node reference tokens still not work?

I'd like to use the node reference's title and path.
Is there a token available for path? I just see one token.
E.g. : [node:original:field_category]

Thank you!

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Title: my bradcrumbs don't show me nodereference ? » my breadcrumbs don't show me nodereference ?

Oh, I just found out this one : [node:field_product_category].
It gives me the title of the node.

But how to get the URL to this node, or at least the node id?

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Install the Entity API module along with Entity Tokens (comes with Entity). This will allow you to deep-dive into the node reference tokens and access properties such as URL and NID.