I want to create a drupal site using english & chinese language. I want to create a role that enable user to input both english and chinese language as their profile. But i can't find any optional to translate them. Any idea how to go about doing it?


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Title: If it possible to translate profile for mulitlangauge website? » Multilingual profiles

For translated profiles, probably http://drupal.org/project/translation is/will be the best option. As everything for profiles is a field, that should work.

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Unfortunately, Entity Translation, which replaces Translation, is unusable as of now (http://drupal.org/node/1109198) if you use i18n, which is very likely if you setup an multilingual site.

I wasn't able to translate any profile info. Any hint pointing at a start would be greatly appreciated, before I fall down to implementing some ugly hacks for my use case.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get http://drupal.org/project/entity_translation to work with profile2 entities.

Could a maintainer point me to a start to make the profile2 entity compatible with what entity_translation expects ?

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Made some progress on this, thanks to plach, the maintainer of Entity Translation. See this issue : Profile2 : trouble creating the translate tabs for details. The interaction between the two modules is seemless, as long as the base path can be handled by ET (#1092332: Support arbitrary base paths for current status of the ET issue about this).

A profile2 design decision has to be made before going any further, which is : how should the profile2 translations be handled ?

I see several possibilities :

  1. a central place summarizing the profile instances with their translation tabs etc.
  2. a user page somewhere in user/uid/edit/profile_name/translate
  3. an integration with profile2 pages

1 Would be handy for admins and bulk translation of user provided values.
2 Would follow the current logic of the module with user managed profile2 info.
1 and 3 could be complementary to each other.

1 and 2 aren't mutually exlusive, but would lead to different kinds of results, but could render the UX messy if both implemented.

I would be happy to work on this during the (little) spare time my current projects leave me with, but would like to know the maintainers point of view about this.

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Hi first of all, it would be usefull to be able to translate the profile type label, so that the final users can navigate in their account page in their native language.

Thank you for the efforts you put into this.

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Multilingual profiles are important for multilingual websites.

@Countzero What about having tabs for each language which the user can enter the multilingual text themselves (labels are already translated). Site searches would provide single language results and each tab has a unique url for seo purposes. Is this also what you are trying to achieve?

@module maintainer Is this something for the profile2 module to do or another module?

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@Jerome F : Isn't it just a matter of sending a string throug t() somewhere ?

@Oceanman : Why not, but this would not conform to the more or less standard way of doing. But that's definitely part of the question : there is a hiatus which has to be accounted for between the usual admin centered translation tasks and the user oriented aspect of profile2. That's the whole point asking the question to the maintainers.

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@Countzero : I think so.
I opened a new issue for that matter : http://drupal.org/node/1118362