iPublicis!COM is dedicated to provide services related to data security, consultancy, training, hosting services, design, publishing and print services, and digital consulting. It also develops and adapts free software based solutions for e-learning, e-health, CMS, CRM, event management; mostly based on WordPress, Drupal and Laravel.

More important than tools are the underlying strategies that will bring success to any endeavour.

Above all, iPublicis!COM develops and implements web strategies for its clients and integrates all components ‒ Websites, Mobile Apps, social presence and e-advertising ‒ to help them achieve their goals.

Drupal contributions

Our founder is/was:
Founder of Associação Drupal Portugal
Member of its General Assembly Board and later President of the Jurisdiction Council
Member of the ADP website team
Co-organizer of the two DrupalCamps in Portugal
iPublicis!COm sponsored DrupalCamp Portugal events
Active member of the Drupal portuguese community