Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

I am ChX. I solve problems.

Two kinds of emergency help:

  1. If your site is down, I can fix it. I have extensive experience with Drupal and the stack it builds on. Please be prepared to provide file level access, preferably via SSH. My SSH key is here.
  2. If you have a question on Drupal Answers that didn't get an answer for more than 24 hours, I will look at it and immediately tell you whether I am able to answer it relatively quickly or not. I prefer the Drupal Answers site to the forums because the community there vets the questions.

You can reach me at my contact page. My rate is 100 USD / 15 min (much more client friendly not to bill per hour when both sorts of problems are usually done very quickly).

Drupal contributions

I have been writing core patches since 2004 (I was the first to cross 1000 core mentions by , #1 in core mentions for Drupal 5 and 6, #4 for Drupal 7), I am the maintainer of seven subsystems in Drupal 7 and had the honor to serve as the leader of the security team. I am doing a lot of mentoring on IRC and the issue queues. I have helped the Drupal community to participate in the Google Summer Code 2005-2012.