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This organization is a Drupal services provider.


Ubertus work in collaboration with government agencies and not-for-profit organizations to successfully achieve their goals. We are highly skilled in large-scale digital projects. Since 1995 Ubertus offers services for all aspects of digital projects. Ranging from concept to support.

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We have an extensive experience working in collaboration with government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. Such as non-governmental organizations (NGO), grassroots, unions, cooperatives, philanthropics, universities, colleges, healthcare organizations, museums, independent politicians, progressive politicians, social services, tolerant religious organizations, charities, foundations, and volunteers.


Love, Diversity, Business. We really believe in a shift from fear to love, from control to trust, from scarcity to abundance, from competition to collaboration, from destruction to creation, from stand alone creation to co-creation. Including but not limited to accountability, clean energy, collaboration over competition, corporate social responsibility, diversity, economic and social justice, ethic, free education, gift economy, health care, open communications, progressive positive environmental, political, and social changes, self-reliance, sustainable development, world peace.


  • Consultancy
  • Concept
  • Build
  • Delivery
  • Training
  • Optimize
  • Support
  • Gift economy

Drupal contributions

Ubertus is enthusiastic about community owned and supported projects. And an active contributor to Drupal, including:

  • Financial contribution: Since 2010 organization member of the Drupal Association. Which contribute to the growth and development of Drupal, and its various community initiatives.
  • Documentation: Over 1,000 edits
  • Support: Over 1,000 support posts on forums. Ranging from helping newcomers ramp into Drupal to collaboration with experienced Drupal contributors.
  • Drupal core: Increased security of Drupal 7 & 8. With various contributions, including Agile Project Management services, documentation, test and quality assurance of patches
  • Drupal projects: Facilitated porting over 25 contributed modules to Drupal 8

Projects supported

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