DrupalCon crowd seen from side of stageIn order to be an effective and successful non-profit the Drupal Association must have the trust of our members, donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Because of this, we have built-in accountability measures in order to continue to building trust with everyone in our community.

Annual Reports / Audit Information

We are committed to providing regular insight into the financial performance of the Association. Here's where you can find the annual reviews for the Association:

Board Meetings and Meeting Minutes

We record meeting minutes at every meeting, and every board meeting is public. Here's where you can find more details about both:


Committees are formed at the discretion of the board and can include a mix of board members, advisory board members, and community members. Committees can be considered standing, or ad-hoc, depending on the needs of the Association. All committees and committee members are appointed by the board and can be dissolved by the board at any time. Current standing committees and committee membership are:

Executive Committee


Membership and Revenue


Conflicts of Interest

New board members sign an agreement that states they will support the organization, work on the behalf of the organization, and, amongst other things, disclose any potential conflicts of interest. This is new to our organization but is part of the changes recommended by the governance committee. Read our Conflict of Interest Policy.

You can find more information by reading our governing documents:

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