Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Actualys is a digital Agency. We assists our clients in the revelation and implementation of the digitalization of their business.

A tailored approach

In a project all the fundamentals are different: stories, objectives and targets. Actualys is your partner to analyze market, develop a strategy and build websites and mobile applications.


  • Boost the brand and reach your target
  • There is absolutely no truth in digital marketing approach: we must consider any new opportunities and regulary compare our ideas with user opinions
  • Create a user experience within a digital ecosystem

Our assets

A flexible organization to respond to challenges.
A high reactivity level and respected planning.
A comprehensive support to customer's needs.

Open Source

Actualys is Open Source oriented with contribution for Drupal, Symfony and some others tools essentially made in PHP (CiviCRM, Akeneo, ...).
We try as much as possible to create reusable modules/api from Proof of Concept or customers' realizations in order to respect Open Source spirit.

Drupal contributions

Patch and modest contributions has been made too on:

We are currently actively working on 2 additional migrates modules

  • Magento => Drupal Commerce
  • PIM Akeneo => Drupal Commerce

Projects supported

Commerce Chequeasy, Domain Language Access, Ajax Facets Extra, Mobi Git, Commerce Target2Sell, Actualys Commerce, Actualys, Address Field Sub Premise, Intershop Password, Commerce Akeneo, Units Akeneo, Taxonomy Machine Name, EmailStrategie, Search API Title #2, Facet API Taxonomy Folding, Magento Password, Magento API, Commerce Custom Offline Payments, Commerce Paymill, Commerce Stripe, Commerce Google Analytics, Block Queue

Credited on 4 issues fixed in the past 3 months