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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

The Wunder Group is a group of agencies that specialise in providing full digital services to organisations across the world. These include strategic consulting, UX design, development, training, and support.

What makes us different from other agencies specialising in Drupal is our way of working - we work in open and highly collaborative ways across our team of specialists and with our clients. This leads to greater understanding of the needs of our customers and their users, and plays an important part in the success of the projects we deliver.

Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise with each other to nurture greater development opportunities and collaboration across the group. This has contributed to the overall satisfaction of people who work for us, illustrated in our recent Great Place to Work survey score of 94%.


The Wunder Group was founded 2012 by the merger of NodeOne (Sweden Denmark and Norway), Mearra (Finland and Latvia), Krimson (Belgium) and the original Wunderkraut (Germany).


Carrefour, UK Ministry of Justice, Red Cross, ­­Suzuki, Save the Children, Red Bull, Sanoma, Sony ­Mobile, ­University of Helsinki, Rovio Entertainment, Latvian Railways, Flemish Government, MTV, Comedy Central, Le Temps, Harper’s Bazaar, Caritas International, Flixbus, Trimble Solutions Corporation


Together, we employ one of the largest Drupal development teams worldwide – more than 180 co-workers in nine countries. 24 of us are Drupal Core contributors and 46 are Contrib Module contributors. Our work processes, business focus and great communications are as important as our technical knowledge. Join us!



  • Average shoe size of the Finnish offices: 42 (UK size 9)
  • Amongst our specialists we have a Norwegian Tango dancer, a mountaineer, a couple of MTB maniacs and a proud owner of a vintage Fiat 500 Abarth!
  • Germany’s Munich office has one of the best local tour guides you’ll ever meet
  • The UK has a professional voiceover artist and journalist featured in our videos
  • Captain Drupal’s lair is hidden in the Stockholm office

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Clear-Caches, Taxonomy overview permission, Cision Notified Pull , FHRS API, Commerce Country Store, QBank DAM, Qbrick, Node revision Permissions Per Role, Favorite Widget, Form Error Logging, Cache Tags Header, Social media share, Estonian ID authentication, Link to entity, Webservice Watcher, Varnish purger, SAPI User Journey, Temporary login links, Tour link block, Elasticsearch Helper, Strava Authentication, FOSHttpCache Purger, Content connected, FB Instant Articles, Reference value pair, Video Embed Dreambroker, CKEditor HTML Buttons (for WYSIWYG and CKEditor), Responsive SVG, Allowed Formats, autocomplete_edit, wunderlistings, Medium editor, Commerce Region / Language chooser, ImportQueue, jQuery Biggerlink, Image Insane, Multilingual terms, Bidirectional entity references, Image max size crop, Make update, Forum Search, Performance insight, Panel fetch node by path, Ref debug, CSS field formatters, Provision hosting injections, Dead modules, Hosting Injections, High contrast, Statistics API, Unique node title, Search API exclude, Wunderstatus connector, CTools cookie context, Promo node, Publish button, SendGrid Integration, Flagging Form, Vocabulary Jump, Commerce Stripe, Entity List Display, Commerce Wishlist, NodeStream Core, NodeStream, Varnish, Book Search, Image Resize Filter, AddThis, Radioactivity, Imagefield Crop, Similar By Terms

Credited on 31 issues fixed in the past 3 months