Angela Byron was announced as best contributor at the Google-O'Reilly Open Source Hall of Fame awards July 22nd, 2008. Please comment below if you've received help or have helped webchick help others as a way of demonstrating your congratulations.

Just a few years ago Angela Byron made the fateful decision to wander into #drupal and ask a question. Several years later, her helpful personality has tamed the #drupal developers and made the Drupal community more understanding and compassionate to its users and new developers.

Angela joined the Drupal project in 2005 as a Google Summer of Code student. If there is a way to contribute to Drupal, she does it:


She goes to various conferences and recruits people to join the Drupal community. Especially women. See
Speaking at Women in Open Source event in Los Angeles
and women in open source on linux for slides examples and Google Podcast: Women in Open Source.


Angie wrote the form API reference just to mention one of her bigger achievements. She is one of the best recruiters for the Drupal documentation team.

Secretary of the Drupal Association

Angie is the acting secretary of the Drupal Association, the non-profit organization responsible for overseeing the success of the Drupal project through raising funds, maintaining infrastructure, and running Drupal events.


She now leads the Drupal project in Google Highly Open Participation and Summer of Code events.


Her first patch was a huge one, revamping all our help texts. Subsequent code contributions to Drupal have included numerous extension modules, a theme, and significant core patches for Drupal 5, 6 and 7.

Patch reviewing

Angie is among the most active patch reviewers, meaning she interacts in a constructive way with most of the other people contributing to Drupal.


As a part of her day job at Lullabot, she flys around the world delivering training to groups of people learning how to be Drupal developers and themers.

In the words of others:

Angie is a role model for everyone and an inspiration to work with. Her dedication to quality is contagious, and her passion for inclusion sets the standard for how people should work with each other.

- Robert Douglass, Senior Drupal Advisor, Acquia.

Angie has been a joy to work with, and I appreciate her dedication to the Drupal project. She makes Drupal shine.

-Dries Buytaert, founder of the Drupal project, Drupal Association, Acquia


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Hi Angela, my hearty congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this time i shouldn't miss your interview for PHPWomen.

-- Sree --
IRC Nick: sreeveturi

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Congratulations on winning the award!


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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well deserved!


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An awesome award to acknowledge an awesome person! Congrats Angie!

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Well done, Angie. You sure earned it!

- Robert Douglass

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Excellente illustration :)


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I think everybody that uses Drupal has received your help in some form, either directly or indirectly. Your dedication is clear to be seen all over d.o.

(BTW - love the sketch)


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Well deserved Angie! Congrats!

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and compassionate to it's users and new developers
and compassionate to its users and new developers

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I can't think of anybody more deserving.

The future is so Bryght, I have to wear shades.

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If everyone who has gotten help from Angie comments on this thread it will be the longest thread ever on I mean, seriously, is there anyone she *hasn't* helped.

Congratulations Angie! No one deserves it more than you!


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You seem to be everywhere in the community all at once. Thanks for your hard work !

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You certainly deserve this award!

Victor Kane

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My best wishes to you and thanks for your contributions and many help in the name off all Newcomers and Beginners.

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This award is completely deserved! I'm always amazed at how much energy Angie managed to put into helping other people. She's a massive asset for Drupal, and, as this reward recognizes, a massive asset for all of open source.

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Your contributions have had an enormous and lasting impact.

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Nice! My congratulations to Angie with this price, well deserved I believe :)


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Rock on, Angie. Well-deserved. :)

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Congratulations Angie! You really do deserve the award - well done!

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It's a spell she's placed on all the muggles. Run away! Run away!

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Unbelievably well deserved-- WTG webchick!

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Well done Angie. And thanks for all your help.

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We love you like pancake loves syrup ;)


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What nice news to start the day with! I only met Angie a couple weeks ago, but it was obvious in the first five minutes that she's the kind of person these awards are made for.

Good for you, Angie!

--Max Daniels

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It makes me happy to see you doing something with yourself, while some of us are just pretending to! Hopefully I will catch you on IRC sometime soon.

Congratulations from you know who from you know where,


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"She is one of the best recruiters for the Drupal documentation team."

Hmm... Is recruiting defined as:

Random user: "There's a typo on node/42"
Webchick: "Welcome to the docs team"


Seriously, though, congrats! Your dedication is amazing. I don't know how you manage to do all you do. When do you sleep?


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Sorry to be late to the party - I was out on vacation yesterday. But congratulations on the selection. Well-deserved. You're one of my many Drupal heroes.

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I have been into Drupal for 2 years now (officially 1 :-), and this year, I attempted to enter GSoC for Drupal. Even though I didn't get through, I remember clearly, how she helped me by listening to my idea for over 30 minutes. I saved that log dutifully, since it was awesome advice that she gave (and some tough questions she put up, LOL!)

A joy to have someone like her in a community! ROCK ON!

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Congratulations on winning the award!


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It's definitely well deserved.

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Congrats Angie! I never had the fortune of either help or be helped by you. But now that we know who is the Mother Theresa of the Drupal community, it's time to nominate the Annual Drupal Arsehole. I have a few names ... When the winner is elected perhaps you could teach him or her a little about being nice to "stupid" people who are asking questions to über-dev-drupal-gurus. As a special bonus we'll let you give the winner a good spanking. :)

Seriously, we need more of your kind. Really.

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From the Philippines, Congratulations!!! :D

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This is well-deserved. I love that webchick is visible on E_ALL, code convention ("else if" -> "elseif") and similar issues... she even got the "Most Trivial Patch of the Month Award" during the 6.3 release. I'm a big stickler for ultra-clean code, so it's great to see a top contributor who's just as OCD as me. webchick seems to have a "nothing is too trivial" or "if it ain't broken, fix it anyway" attitude which is truly inspiring and sets a high standard for all Drupal coders. Congrats!

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Congrats, hope to see you at an Ottawa meetup some time ;)

John Forsythe
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Congratulations !

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Cary Gordon

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Congrats Angie! Very well deserved.

(Bonnier Corp in FL)

Damien McKenna | Mediacurrent

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You've been a great help to our PHP team here at Bonnier. This award is well-deserved!
Bensan George
Software Developer

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It was Angie's Google Talks video on YouTube that *sold* me on Drupal.

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Well deserved, you see Webchick's contributions everywhere.

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It may be redundant to say "Congrats!", but well-deserved...


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Bravo! Angela Byron, I am very happy to know that news.

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Congratulations Angie! You are an inspiration!


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/me changed his pants after hearing this... :P

WELL DESERVED! Congrats, Angie :)

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Way to go, Angie!

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You are so deserving of an award that recognizes someone for their helping, contributing and assisting to open source project. I am always glad to hear your explanations/comments on the Lullabot podcast as well as in the forums. When I see that Webchick has responded, I figure it's worth reading. Thank you for giving so much of your time and effort to the Drupal community. You rock!!


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Just like webchick :) Can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

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Well deserved. Great work and an inspiration to all. Glad your April Fool's joke about leaving Drupal was just that, a joke.

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Very few awards are given to the right candidates. You thoroughly deserve this one!

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You deserve it! Thanks for all you do and have done for us in the past.

I want to be a farmer.

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I completely agree with KarenS. Who was NOT helped by webchick?

It's amazing what an impact she has on the Drupal community as a whole, because she's so actively helpful at so many places, all the time. I've often wondered where she found the energy :)

Rock on, Angie :)

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To echo the sentiments of others, congratulations Angie, no one deserves it more than you. You're truly a Drupal Rock Star.

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Congrats Angie,

The Google Tech Talk video with you explaining Drupal was instrumental in me choosing Drupal as the CMS for me and my clients. It was one of the best career moves I've made in recent years. I hope to meet you one day and thank you in person.

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"Webchick, you're the next one up. Stand here, and wait till they play your intro music, then go out there, accept your Tony Award, give a little speech, and wave approvingly to all the fans in the front row. I'll see you backstage for the after party. now GO GIRL!"

Congratulations. You deserve this.

Joel "Senpai" Farris | certified to rock score

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Another testimony from someone helped by Angela. She helps with good cheer and passion, and her goal is to help you in order that you can help others.

Congratulations Angie, you definitely deserve it.


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Angie really sets the high water mark for what a community member can be. Congrats, Angie, you really, really deserve this recognition. I wanna be just like you when i grow up ;-)

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If you use drupal you know webchick, amazing contribution.
Good to see this thread keep growing

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Congratulations! Well deserved!

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I had the good fortune of meeting Angie (and family) last February at the start of the usability exercise in Minneapolis. However, given her presence here at, in Drupal groups, and the Drupal community...I think it is fair to say even if you haven't met Angie in likely still can't help but know and love Angie.

Congratulations WebChick!


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I only know her as "Super Drupal Girl"
Able to leap tall modules in a single bound
capture bugs with the palm of her hand
yet remains compassionate and caring to all she encounters


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This is amazing! And well deserved! Félicitations!

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Bask in the accolades!


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I would have had a hard time deciding who would be most deserving of this type of award. And then when I found out it was you, I was like, "Oh, of course."


Aaron Winborn
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Angie rocks.

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  return $Drupal;

Drupal rocks!
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You have assimilated me!

Your site will be assimilated. Resistance is futile

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I submitted code on #168864: Install broken on mysql - minor typo (double broken on mysqli) and @webchick rolled a patch for it! She's absolutely everywhere - congratulations.

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... what everyone here said. :)

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Congratulations on winning the award!

Sharique Ahmed Farooqui

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Its awesome to see Angie get this much deserved recognition. She has gone out of her way to help our firm on numerous occassions. Congratulations Angie!

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Big Up!

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*hug* *hug* I am so proud of you. Fantastic achievement.

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congratulations on this great achievement
our wishes are always with you

I wanna appreciate this above Angie sketch too :D looks so cool!!!
sumit kataria

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You so deserve this - well done!

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Congratulations, absolutely well deserved!


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Coming late to the party... This is great news, I'm really glad this went to you Angie. You simply rock.

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Angela Byron, AKA Webchick is a role model for geek girls. Personable and an asset to the Drupal project. She treats people on the net as if they were fellow comrades in real life. She is respected for kindness, devotion and work.

Coder, community organizer, coder, advocate.

Drupal would not be the same if it wasn't for webchick.

Also, I used her google slideshow for a drupal presentation at my LUG. Hehe.

- Tony

drupalancer’s picture

My first Impression about her is "She looks arrogant"!

But when you observe and read all her answers carefully you will understand her distinct personality and then will fall into love with her attitude :)

She is really an asset to Drupal.

My three Cheers to Webchick.

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Congratulations Webchick for a well-deserved award. It's people like you who give power to open source.

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Hello, first of all i want to congratulations to your well deserved award
i know i am not the first one who says that, but when you deserved
it you will get it and you got it *smile*
I hope you will get more awards for your great work for Drupal.

greets from germany


look at what Projects I've helped,
maybe you can tell me something to change....
Ed Hardy

Renee S’s picture

Any module that I've looked at has at least one major contribution from some girl who goes by "webchick". Now I know who to thank =)

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Congrats!!!. almost all thread i go in, she has a comment. :)

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It was well earned!

- Alexei Rayu.

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Much deserved - love how you try to help, before telling someone they should be searching for help in another area. A much nicer approach, than saying buzz off on first contact. Keep up the great work!

Rick Hood’s picture

Nice going Angie! You deserve it big time. You are what makes Drupal so much more than code.

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Great job Angie! We're all proud that the world outside of Drupal could get to know just a little bit of our own star!

Nathan Haug
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& software development       e:

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This is lovely news, and utterly well earned and deserved. I think my first interaction with Angie was on an IRC meeting about the future of event-related modules that she facilitated (back before I maintained signup) and I still remember how encouraging and upbeat she was (I was totally new at the time). Ever since, she's been incredibly supportive and helpful through many ups and downs. This recognition couldn't have gone to a more appropriate recipient.

Yay! ;)

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Being interested in this kind of thing, I had been wondering whether people realize what catalytic effect people like webchick have for the healthy operation and evolution of a project.

Obviously people do realize.

While these concerns usually belong to management, in this case we have an art which can be practiced by a gifted individual from any position.

BioALIEN’s picture

webchick's presence can be felt all over the community, from issues to forums to groups to the irc. She's like the plague but with positive consequences. Rock on :)

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triskele’s picture

Thank you for setting a positive example for the community, and especially other women who are involved in computing science, open source projects, and giving back to one's communities. It is people like you that are role models in the most humbling sense for our peers and beyond.

With much gratitude and congratulations,

~Angelina Fabbro


eigentor’s picture

I don't know who you are, but you must be some kind of superstar...

Keep on rockinÄ' the rivers of babylon. And don't forget to roll with rick...

I'm happy being miserable

Ian Ward’s picture

Congratulations, Angie! You are indeed an inspiration.

Development Seed Blog

Chris Charlton’s picture

I love it! Gratz.

Chris Charlton
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I have been a member of the webchick fan club since watching the Google/You Tube video of Angie at Google, when she did the "Knock Knock joke for control freaks".

Since then, I've seen how ubiquitous (in a good way) she is here in the world of Drupal, making it a great community to be a part of.

Thanks, Webchick!

Chill35’s picture

I learnt about this award last night, while I was with my bf. I could share my joy with him because he 'knows' (about) you as I have spoken lots about you to him, although I have never met you in person. You're an inspiration.

I love your vibes, and your dedication to Drupal is totally contagious. Someone else with such dedication but without your personality might just appear to be... a freak? LOL...

I love how 'pointy' you are too with code... and just love the person I've learned to know online.

This award fills me with joy. Congratulation!’s picture

Everyone has said it so: Me too
well done!

hectorplus’s picture

an inspiration to everyone, indeed! Congrats.

Random posts by Hector M.

OpenChimp’s picture

Happy to hear that you're still getting the recognition you deserve.

Chill35’s picture

Looks like this forum thread will get the most comments ever, after 'can't login in IE' I think... that says something about you, Angie ;-)

(To be fair, the other thread was active for 3 years... and yours is brand-spanking new, oh my word...)

develCuy’s picture

Thanks you Angie, you are exemplary and strong encourage for community to become better every day. Don't forget I love you ;)

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Comic beautiful! Who painting?


dww’s picture

That's Angie's artwork.

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jditzel’s picture

Nice job! Kudos!

Swift Arrow’s picture

I have to say that I was seriously surprised when I got (almost) instant help from webchick...

She deserved it.

jeanne beanie’s picture

Hi Angie!
The whole family is so very proud of you, honey! Our buttons are absolutely bursting! (there has probably been a few eye injuries out there!)
You have the most awesome way of explaining things to people in terms relative to their lives and level of understanding, and thanks to your kindness, patience, compassion, and work ethics, you truly facilitate the "Oh, now I get it!" factor :)
We love you so much, Angie! It's such a joy to us to see you get a hard-earned pat on the back and to see all of these wonderful notes of appreciation and affirmation from around the globe!
Shine on!

funana’s picture

Thank you for all your work! You are great!

kip stanning’s picture

congratulations angie from austria. i listened to some of the lullabot podcasts and liked your contributions very much!

greetings from the vienna forest
karl |

barthaedens’s picture

Hey Angela, congratulations on winning the award!!!!!!

Drupal Dune

Cayenne’s picture

You rock and set an example for all of us.

mwillia’s picture

Hey, Angie, I heard about this award through the family grapevine and found this site. Kent and I join all the other voices of congratulations and love. You are just awesome. And didn't I say so in the Ode to Angie. We are so very happy for you and just wanted to join everyone else here to cheer you on in all of your endeavors!

Marilyn and Kent

ceo3141’s picture

Congratulations, well-deserved!!!

jpetso’s picture

I do not know of anyone who engages in as many facets of Drupal (or any other open source project) with this much passion and high standard of quality. If her involvement in core patches is well done, her documentation improvements are steady and her organization work admirable just when looking at the effort that she puts in it, it's the insane communication work that makes Angie really stand out from the rest of the community. Honest, considerate and effective wording combined with a sense for where the issues *really* lie and a free minute for everyone who needs to talk, that's so incredibly rare.

Drupal is really lucky to have Angie as contributor, it's hard to imagine someone who would have deserved that award more than her.

Pfabb’s picture

Great respect and congratulation!

vkr11’s picture

Just got to the article, I am late, but congrats !!
- Victor
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gantenx’s picture

congratulation, angie..
Keep on the excellent work..

Manda - Indonesia

geerlingguy’s picture

I never noticed this posting. I just have to add my heartfelt thanks and appreciation! Your work has amplified the work of others in the Drupal community; heck, I wouldn't know how to create or apply patches had it not been for your help a couple months back, and now I'm able to do it like a pro! Thanks, and best of luck whatever you do!

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