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This tutorial covers the installation of Drupal 6.

The video goes through each of the steps needed to properly setup Drupal including downloading, database set up and running the installation script. It also covers some common roadblocks and how to deal with them.

Please note that in 6.3 the way the settings.php file is created has been changed from what is shown in the video. It is no longer automatic and you now need to manually create the settings.php file before continuing with installation.

Written and recorded by: Addison Berry of Lullabot

Watch the video (12 minutes, 38.5 MB in mp4 format):

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Very clear explanation - thanks

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Addison - really, really nice but it's too fast and too advanced for me personally. It's a generational thing: you guys grew up with computers. That's why I wrote this It's (hopefully) simpler. Let me know what you think.

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excellent explanation
thanks for your great efforts

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In case you'd like a longer (42min 38sec) walk-through I made a screencast at:
(copied from at:
The screencast gives a complete walkthrough for installing Drupal on shared hosting with It was recorded live during a professional development session for high school teachers. It includes: sign-up process, uploading and extracting files, creating a MySQL database, running the Drupal install script, installing modules, configuring php.ini to allow larger file uploads, creating a new content type which includes a file upload field, creating a view (with the Views module) to display uploaded files, and setting up a cron job. All in 42 min and 24 seconds! This will work for any host using cPanel (which is most of them!), not just, and I don't endorse this host specifically since there are lots of others that provided the same level of service.

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What if I am trying to install drupal onto my localhost FIRST and I encounter this error? This tutorial only deals with issues you may encounter with a live host and deals not with localhost issues. I am running on Xp, with sp3 laptop and wampserver2 and I want to install drupal 6.19 on my laptop FIRST. But, I can't seem to find ANY info about this topic whatsoever on this site to resolve my issue. Can ANYONE advise? This is really frustrating. I NEVER had this issue with joomla.

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You should write what error you got then someone could help.
Generally the installation on your localhost ist the same as on a webserver.