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Who has two thumbs and loves Drupal? This guy. I am a jack of all trades and now master of one (Drupal). Having started out as a Physics major, I graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in Theatre and Economics. I pursued a career in the arts but felt my 'geek' side was being severely neglected. I started building websites and databases as a way to not only continue learning, but because I truly love it. I have now all but left my glory days as an actor behind and have been building sites for a decade. I specialize in site architecture, data mapping and custom business solutions. Having programmed in many frameworks, I never thought I'd settle down with one. Drupal offers a community that makes programming so much more dynamic and has developed my skills further than I could have alone. Although I do still enjoy programming in my pajamas. I am a freelance programmer working with Exaltation of Larks. I am based in Los Angeles but prefer to work from wherever in the world I am. Sometimes you just have to outsource yourself. I specialize in custom solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Skills include: Drupal, Ruby On Rails, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby.


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