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Founder/Many Hats
Icelark Projects

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TechClick Limited, Timicom Telecom
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Software/Internet, Online Financial, Telecommunications

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I started writing computer codes on paper long before I had access to a real computer; my first serious programming lesson was a photocopy of a piece by Bill Gates teaching the basics of programming and Object-oriented programming, which I read and re-read like a thousand times; my first hacks were using 'debug', a DOS command-line program, to enter and run assembly language codes on a black and white 386 system just for fun.

My graduate project was creating and documenting a pretty Chess playing application using Borland C++ IDE.

I have been responsible for creating home-grown web/intranet applications and content management systems using raw PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc, both as an employee, for clients and personal side projects. Some of these applications includes financial accounting solutions, B2B/B2C bulk SMS platforms, news publications CMSs, charity organization websites, multi-level marketing system, to name a few.

I have come a long way from the above. Now I have my own outfit, Icelark Projects, and have a few successful projects under my belt. These includes different clients projects covering many industries, and personal pet projects, the best of which are still on the pipeline.

I now leverage cutting-edge technologies/techniques/trends like Drupal, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks/libraries, mobile, responsive design, social media, online marketing, content strategies, SEO, etc to derive my solutions.

While I still have my passion for technology intact, I am more matured now and my focus is on leveraging my experiences, knowledge and skills to help clients create solutions that yields business results (I am more tech-wise now).

My most treasured assets are my LG E615 ICS Android mobile and my peace of mind.

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