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Web Developer

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Solucion Web, Milk'n Cookies
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Web development

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I have 10 years experience working as a Software Development Provider. I've worked with clients in Guatemala, as well as telecommuting with companies in the USA, Panama and the UK. I have been part of several organizations as a Developer, as Project Manager and also have my own private clients whom I have attended directly.
I have been involved in all aspects of Web Development on an organizational level. Sales, tailoring products to clients’ specifications, planning, cost estimates, providing comprehensive customer/client service, coordinating with graphic designers (which I am not really), the creation of small teams, coaching development and programming, overseeing content management and deployment, as well as launching the product and training customers and webmasters for their use of the final product.
I’ve been focused largely upon Drupal development. I started on 2009 with D6, on 2012 leapt to D7, and finally at the end of 2017, I dove into D8. I love the new PHP OOP approach offered by the Symfony framework - based Apis that has been integrated into it.
I am a skilled frontend css/js/sass responsive themer as well as an experienced backend module developer. I can do any Drupal UI configurations using contributed module setups and also build any custom functionality using PHP and Drupal core and contrib Apis.
Ajax, JQuery, web services, web service integrations with other sites and systems, multi-sites, multi-language, Drush, Drupal console, configuration management, Facets and Solr Search engines, are some of the technologies I’ve implemented on Drupal.
In the lasts months i've been doing Hybrid app development using Ionic 3 with Drupal 8 as backend, using NPM, AngularJS 4 and Typescript Language.
I usually configure my own servers using DigitalOcean debian droplets. I opt for installing my project management software (ERPAL or Odoo) and GIT version control servers to be able to integrate teams for my projects.
I am a fast learner, proactive and responsible, I love to work in teams, I’m used to working on a tight schedule and I honor code standards.
I’ve done contributions to the Free software community and Drupal community in Guatemala with events organization and training activities. I have contributed with code to Drupal contrib modules.


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Mobile Navigation Module Mantainer
Active Member of Drupal Community Guatemala


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