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Web Developer

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Solucion Web, Milk'n Cookies
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Web development

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A web Developer for 7 years and a Drupal developer for 3 years.
Using PHP as my server side language and the latest technologies for the client side, i used to be a pure PHP developer until in 2010 i found Drupal(v6). I fell in love at first sight and i've been using it for almost everything i do since then.
I’ve worked in many projects that have taken me trough many of the disciplines that involve web development.
From the front end, theme development, Styling, JavaScript, JQuery, DOM manipulation and implementing third party libraries, backbone.js, node.js, among others, to the Drupal 6 and 7 API's, module development and implementation of a lot of technologies out there like e-commerce, online chats, e-learning, rating systems, REST and SOAP webservices, multisites, multilingual, etc.
I've worked with CVS and GIT and used JIRA and BaseCamp and other task managers, even my own solution using openatrium, based on SCRUM. This brings me to the greatest learning that i've acquired, that is cooperation. I value team work over everything else, knowing that there are a lot of companies and individuals with a lot of talent, but talent means nothing if there are not good human relationships around project development.
I love to contribute on events, documentation, code, Drupal modules, whatever i can do to give back to the community a little of all the many great things it has given me.


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Mobile Navigation Module Mantainer
Active Member of Drupal Community Guatemala


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I contributed Drupal modules
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