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CEO and CTO at Rhizome Networks LTD
Rhizome Networks LTD

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Rhizome Networks is developing Content Glass – state oriented sharing platform. The platform provide API libraries for developers to develop state oriented sharing and state oriented content management applications.

State Oriented Sharing is the term that we use to describe the action of sharing content in relation with a defined state of some context, some object or some thing. The objects and things that are used as the sharing context can be virtual, physical or physiological.

Content Glass include three four of products:
1. API for developers and application framework
2. Frameworks- these are ready made CG applications for specific purpose. For example Experts-Glass.
3. Tools for end users. Tools can be used by installing browser plugins (currently chrome) or when website owners embed the tool into their website.
4. Data services based on the sharing data collected by Content Glass back-end.

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