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web developer

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Financial, automation

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web and mobile developer living in Brussels, Belgium
Loving creativity, the web, PHP, android, cooking, decoration, architecture, Canada, wood, nature, music, photography ...


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13 years 2 months
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I like to help people understanding what drupal is and what it can do for them when drupal is the best solution for what they are looking for.

I've developed and maintained a weather module for drupal 6.x/7.x but weather.com stopped his API, then I've updated the code to use Google weather API and finally closed his API in september 2012. This kind of experience with APIs is really frustrating. So, for now, I don't plan to loose my time on it anymore. But who knows ...

My Activity Stream pinterest addon available on github.
Activity Stream is the module that I use on my blog to create a stream with all my twitter, github, flickr and now pinterest activities.

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Web developer / Architect
I contributed Drupal modules
I provide Drupal-related services