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Senior Drupal developer
Cocomore AG

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Facthor Innovación, Cesser Digital, Kairion AG

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I discovered Drupal many years ago and since then I'm highly interested on it. My first work was done with a huge site based on D5, and since then many other sites were developed using Drupal from version 5 to current version.
My experience involved the usage of many diferent contrib modules, building custom modules, use of contrib and custom themes and integrating with other heterogeneous technologies, external APIs, plaforms, etc.
I'm proud to recommend drupal to everybody and I feel kind of a Drupal evangelist. I like contributing and I hope to do it for long time.


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8 years 9 months
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Drupal 8 core development

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Custom Drupal module development
Drupal Site Building
Drupal architect

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 1 year

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