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backend developer

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PHP certified engi
6 years in dev business
since June 2016 I work with Drupal 7, it looks like pile of shit
hopefully soon I gonna work with Symfony (oh, Drupal 8)

the day I learn how to upload patches here .. i'm trying to not laugh while i'm typing it

edit: Drupal 8 is same garbage as Drupal 7, just from OOP perspective. REST? No-no, use Symfony Controllers or get headache with REST module to end of your life

don't like my profile? DONT READ IT

about patches.. Yes, you can send me 2 patches over email. I'll continue with pull requests


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Issues are created here to just comment on them. To talk 6 years about issue and never fix it - that's true spirit of collaboration!
So i put useless comments as hard as I can too!

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Custom Drupal module development
Drupal Site Building
Drupal architect

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