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I have nine years experience project managing web builds, for eight of these years I worked for an organisation that built web and CRM for the not for profit and government sector in Australia.

I work remotely; and I have worked with developers nationally and internationally.

I accidentally stumbled into site building starting with Joomla! in 2008. Very quickly I took inspiration from the open-source community and it's learnings for place-based community development; and became inspired by the power of technology to connect, build and create change on and offline.

I was Introduced to the world of Drupal in 2014, reluctant to switch over from Joomla after working with that for the previous seven years, Drupal soon won me over. I have worked on over 40 Drupal 7 site build, around 30 have been migrations from Joomla! to Drupal. I have also just started building in Drupal 8.

My previous org was not connected into the Drupal community, that was a mistake from a development and a business sustainability level. I'm now actively working to right this wrong in my capacity as a non real dev!

I'm passionate about training people to use Drupal and believe that the best way to open the door is to create projects that allow people to use, feel and test Drupal whilst giving back to community and society in some way - so I've been creating projects that do this in my spare time.

I have a strong commitment to WCAG and accessibility.

For the past year I have developed and begun configuring a small human child, whilst this has its rewards I am very much a worker bee whilst my partner stays at home; I'm keen to tip this balance back. However I have had fun in the past year creating some cool projects that demonstrate the collaboration that occurs when you connect non tech people into the tech world. How I can do more of this and create networks of these types of projects is a puzzle I remain personally committed to continuing to figure out.


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I haven't personally contributed to modules, but I've bossed others around and made them contribute :)
I love training people to love Drupal, especially people with no previous experience
I'm actively involved in helping to set up remote sprints

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Credited on 3 issues fixed in the past 1 year

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