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Breakthrough Technologies, LLC

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Government, NGO/Non-Profit, Education, United Nations, Health, Finance, Start-up

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I've spent the past 15+ years as a technical team lead, service delivery manager, and senior technical advisor. I began my journey as a developer, both because of the intellectual challenges coding presented, and because of my passion to understand how to make things work better.

I currently help translate what clients do to a level of specificity that an app can do it; and I lead teams in building those apps. I ask difficult questions about business value and customer value, and I build stakeholder consensus for solution paths through complex technical, operational, and logistical challenges.

I am a fast yet accurate estimator, a diligent steward of project scope and budgets, and a proactive and strategic planner. I'm an architect, project manager, and implementation manager. I value transparency, accountability, quality craftsmanship, and returning value to customers.

I’m a happy husband and father with pro-level meat smoking skills; an active member of the Drupal community; Microsoft, Acquia, and CompTIA certified; and a recovering State Department and UN contractor who’s managed projects of from $100k – $10mm and teams of 20+ in half a dozen countries.

If you have a doozy of a problem, or need a seasoned senior-level technical leader, please contact me at


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DrupalCon Chicago 2011
DrupalCon New Orleans 2016


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