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I started using Drupal when I was a school student back in 2011. Later I got good at it and started building professional websites with it. I finally got the chance to contribute back to it with GSoC16 where I worked with Dixon_, jeqq, timmillwood and slurpee on Multiversion module, Conflict module and PHP libraries to perform recursive 3 way merge. The libraries are still being used by PHP developers and one of the libraries I developed has nearly 1,00,000 downloads as per packagist -> https://packagist.org/packages/relaxedws/lca , All the libraries can be found at - https://packagist.org/packages/relaxedws/

Detailed GSoC Project - https://groups.drupal.org/node/508466#project35

Commits for LCA library - https://github.com/relaxedws/lca/commits/master
Commits for recursive merge library - https://github.com/relaxedws/merge/commits/master

After GSoC, I went on with mentoring and helping school students to start their open source Journey with Drupal in Google Code In 2017 and RGSoC 2017.

When I was learning more about Drupal, I did an Internship at Q.E.D42, a Drupal service provider from India on the same where my primary work was to build modules and developer functionality as per the client's requirements.

I am a software Developer at OYO now but it doesn't use Drupal which is why I don't really get much time to contribute to it now but every now and then I keep myself updated with the new updates, trends and releases in Drupal world.

I've contributed to other Open Source projects too but Drupal community is my favorite. Looking forward to the day when I get to work on Drupal again. Hopefully someday soon.

PS: Most of my contributions doesn't show here on my profile because of some account mismatch issue when I was contributing and by the time we realised, the project was almost over. Please have a look at the Github commit library for stepwise details of how the modules and the libraries were built.


On Drupal.org for 2 years 8 months

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DrupalCon Vienna 2017


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