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Sr. Full Stack Drupal Developer

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Drupal Site Building, Product Development Based on Drupal, E-Commerce Site Building, Drupal Tools Development for web solution

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I am a well-organized professional in Drupal Development and PHP web development with strong script handling knowledge or automation process with PHP . I have advanced computer skills and am a proficient multitasker. I am versatile and adapt quickly to new environment.

I am passionate about acquiring new knowledge and broadening my horizons. I enjoy working with people and have excellent interpersonal skills. I have always performed well working as part of the team or on my own. I strive to get the job done proficiently and efficiently.


On for 4 years 3 months

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DrupalCon Asia 2016
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I contributed Drupal patches
I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed Drupal themes
I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I contributed to
I contributed Drupal translations
I help in the Drupal support forums