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Scrum Master, Project Manager

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I am a Drupal Lover, working to evangelise Drupal in different sectors and aiming to make as many people as possible, love Drupal as much as I do :) I work as a Project Manager at QED42, with a strong inclination to Scrum practices being a Scrum Master at times(majorly) and a Scrum Product Owner on other occasions.

My Contributions to the Community :

- Speaker at DrupalCon Dublin 2016 - Delivered a session on How to contribute to Drupal minus code, at DrupalCon Dublin 2016

- Speaker at DrupalCon New Orleans 2016 - Presented a keynote session introducing Drupal Campus Ambassador Program at the Higher-Ed Summit in Drupal Con New Orleans 2016.

- Speaker at DrupalCon Asia 2016 - Delivered a session on Outsourcing in the Business track, at DrupalCon Asia 2016

- Flash Mob at DrupalCon Asia 2016 - The element of surprise at DrupalCon Asia2016 happened to be after Danese Cooper's keynote in the form of a Flashmob. I organised this surprise element with the help of Drupal Association and the Indian Community who participated and rocked in it :) That really was awesome :) Check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAJ7FCaBYR4

- Co-Founder : Drupal Campus Ambassador Program -An Initiative to spread Drupal in educational institutes and bridge the gap between the Industry and the Educational Institutions by evangelising Drupal in colleges. The initiative completed its Pilot in SICSR Pune and was highly talked about at DrupalCon Asia 2016. There is a lot more to do and I am working towards it. For more details visit - https://groups.drupal.org/drupal-campus-ambassador-program-dcap, https://www.drupal.org/. Please reach out to me, if you would like to be a part of DrupalCAP and help in any possible manner.

- Drupal Camp Pune - helped organise Drupal Camp in Pune with the most dynamic community here in India.

- Drupal Monthly Meet-ups Pune - helped organise and participated in the monthly meet-ups planned for the Pune Community and contribute by motivating more Drupal Lovers to join.


On Drupal.org for 5 years 1 week

Drupal Events: 
DrupalCon Barcelona 2015
DrupalCon Asia 2016
DrupalCon New Orleans 2016
DrupalCon Dublin 2016
Drupal Association Supporting Partner

rakhimandhania helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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