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United Kingdom
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Allstar Solutions

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Higher Education, Non-Profit, Scientific Research, Healthcare, Education, Engineering

I'm a developer and technical architect who builds solutions across the spectrum of development areas, from Front-End to Server-Side to DevOps. I'm equally comfortable developing 3rd-party import systems, creating themes or building custom modules.

I have maintained a large network of ~80 Drupal sites on Aegir and built a DevOps system to automate the updating of sites using technologies, such as Jenkins, Git, Phing, Drush Make and a custom module (Update Trigger Build).

I finished a degree in Computer Games Programming in 2005 then followed this with a MSc in Software Engineering (Internet Computing) and have been working with Drupal since 2011. Enjoying being a part of the Drupal Community :)


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Drupal Scotland committee member (

Speaker at DrupalCamp Scotland 2014.
Speaker at DrupalCamp Scotland 2015.

Organiser and speaker at our local Drupal User Group - Drupal Drinks Dundee (

Several modules in the pipeline for release back to the community. I provide patches to other contrib modules whenever I come across an issue/requirement in my projects.

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Drupal Back-end & Front-end Developer
Technical Lead
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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

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