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Senior Developer

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Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Government

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I have been developing websites since 1994, and first experimented with Drupal in 2005. I then began using Drupal as my preferred web platform in 2009, and have been enjoying the software and the brilliant community ever since.

In the past year I have also become very enthusiastic about Angular.js and Node.js, and am learning these platforms as fast as I can.

Some of my more recent work can be seen at Older websites I've developed include, and I've also worked on,, and, along with many smaller projects.

I consider myself lucky because I have often been able to make a living working on web projects that I personally cared about, particularly in the areas of music, books and literature, arts and culture, media and publishing. These are my favorite subjects, and I have also enjoyed working on federal government projects, health sites, commercial brand marketing.

For reasons too complicated to explain, I am sometimes known as Levi Asher and sometimes as Marc Eliot Stein. But I'm always "asheresque".


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