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United States
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Web Team Lead
NYS Office of the Attorney General

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WebNY - New York State Office of Information Technology Services, New York State Department of State, Solasus, WOW Digital Color, Interactive Communications International, iFocus, Mars Music, High Strung Productions LLC
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State Government, Private Small Business, Private Corporations.

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I am a professional web developer/designer and professional musician. I love visual arts and digital information and I am obsessed with presenting compelling and critical information in the best, most consumable form for everyone (especially for individuals with disabilities, since I was born with a hearing disability.)

After graduating with a Music Industry Degree from the State University of New York College at Oneonta, I started my primitive web designs literally at the birth of the web, on a Apple Quadra av, cramming shockwave director files on to those tiny 1.4 mg floppy drives for hard core perfectionists, aka professional New York City photographers. I am a proud legacy developer of my website that exists in the Internet Archives

I lived thru the first internet boom as an Flash Developer, but when that went bust in 2001, I taught 75 kids a week how to love and play Rock Guitar.I then was fortunate to be the web developer for the New York State Department of State for 10 years, learning the charming and delicate balance of bureaucracy and web development in New York State Government. I am several months into my second year of working for the New York State Office of the Attorney General and I am presenting at Drupalcamp New Jersey and submitted my presentation for Drupalcon Nashville.


On for 5 years 9 months

Areas of Expertise: 
(soon to be) Themer
Site building
SASS & Compass Nut Job
Drupal Events: 
DrupalCon New Orleans 2016
DrupalCon Dublin 2016
DrupalCon Baltimore 2017
Drupal Association Individual Member

tomatkins helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I contributed Drupal documentation