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I was awarded a 1st class BEng Honours degree with Distinction in Electronics Engineering and have a decade of experience as a professional software engineer. I have worked as a university and college lecturer, and have a wealth of experience gained researching bleeding edge open source software resources. During this period I have concentrated specifically on the following resources: REST (Security/Cors), PHP 5.5+, ECMAScript (JS, jquery, node.js, meteor 1.0, angular.js 1.3/2.0, jsx/react/flex.js backbone.js, underscore.js, ES6), HTML5, CSS3/SASS/LESS/Stylus, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Symfony 2, Laravel 4, Silex, REST, HTTP 1 and 2, C++ 11 (including STL and boost), C# 5 and .NET. I have been conducting a thorough and progressive top down analysis of all of these resources over several years through multiple iterations and I can produce functional, testable projects and components on each platform and offer sensible options for migrations and integrations between platforms and languages. I can set up reliable debug environments on any platform using multiple IDE's for diagnostics and re-factoring, and I can consider the applicability of a specific technology to most effectively meet business requirements. In each case I am familiar with the concepts, history, structure, ethos, integration, and (core and third party) libraries of the platforms mentioned above. I can implement most standard software design patterns in any of one of my core languages, platforms or frameworks. Please note I have only recently started learning Scala to further my understanding of functional programming. I have been working exclusively on Linux (Debian Wheezy). I am familiar with Linux tools and work-flows and can perform a wide range of administration tasks - including provision of servers - both from the command line and using Webmin and Virtualmin. I am familiar with multiple IDEs and devops tools such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Virtualbox, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Docker and Vagrant.


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