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United Kingdom
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Owner, Reeves Digital Development
Reeves Digital Development

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Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies
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technical, internet, equine, retail, scientific, education, Christian, non-profit, executive consulting

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I've been part of the Drupal community since 2007, and finally no longer consider myself a newbie. I spent 6 years at a Fortune 50 company learning best practices in marketing and e-commerce. In 2000 I left to start my own website development business, adapting and applying my experience and skills for large corporations to the needs of small organizations. Many of my clients are unaware of what a site can do for their business, and my greatest strength is being able to translate their needs into an effective site, guiding them in what is possible and best suited for their situation. My number one goal has always been to be a provider my clients can trust to ensure their success online. My clients range from family-run businesses, churches and schools, to multi-million dollar non-profits and scientific research universities.


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10 years 1 week
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I help out whenever possible, including providing support, reporting bugs and testing patches. I have suggested patch changes and code updates, although I am not currently an active Git user providing code directly. I write custom modules for my clients, but have not contributed any due to not having the time to support them.

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Site builder
Project Manager


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