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Infinitee Web Design

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Infinitee Designs, Infinitee Rock Band T-shirts, Bill Graham Presents (BGP)
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Graphic Art, Advertising, Music Industry, Web Design

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Growing up in New York's West Village during the 60's - 90's "was inspirational" hanging out in Washington Square Park playing Frisbee and watching the people from around the world go by, his cast of characters were born. His imagination wandered through time and space-boundless through infinity. "Infinity is a place I often find comfort, serenity and inspiration" he says. Ralph's 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, sci-fi, fantasy and psychedelic art is filled with visions yet unseen, only dreamed of.

Ralph brings his vision of infinity down to earth by incorporating photo realism into his work. Photo realism is an obsession Ralph has had for as long as he can remember. Working on producing the photo realistic image was an addiction until he attended figure drawing sessions at the NYC Soho School of Living Arts. In his early twenties he spent eight months religiously attending these figure drawing sessions. He loved the freedom there. "There were no teachers, no critique and no one looking over your shoulder. I was free- free just to draw". The freedom experienced in Soho resulted in over 500 pieces.

Today Ralph Hawke Manis explores the endless wonders of digital and 3D creative arts as well as sharing his knowledge and vision through his extensive Website. Infinitee Designs... Building Drupal Websites, CD covers/jackets, book covers and movie and concert posters Ralph has reinvented himself through digital computer graphics and visual 3D special effects. Software of choice... Autodesk Maya & Photoshop.


On for 10 years 9 months

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Site builder
Ubercart installation and implementation
Project Manager
Web Designer

Credited on 3 issues fixed in the past 1 year

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