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Current Role(s): 
web developer

Professional Info

Companies Worked For
Deloitte Consulting, Telefonica, Toyota, Serif, Boots, Ziff Davis, Harvey Nash, Solutions (Networking) Ltd
Industries Worked In: 
International Development, Web, Webmaster, Finance, non-profit, automotive, health care.

Personal Info



On Drupal.org for 10 years 9 months

Drupal Events: 
Drupal conference at FOSDEM 2005 (Antwerp, Belgium)
OSCON 2005 or the off-site Drupal conference at OSCON 2005 (Portland, Oregon)
DrupalCon Amsterdam 2005
LinuxWorldExpo London
Drupal conference colocated with the Open Source CMS and Blogging Tools Summit (Vancouver, Canada)
Drupal conference 2006 (Brussels, Belgium)
OSCMS 2007, Sunnyvale
DrupalCon Barcelona 2007
DrupalCon Boston 2008
DrupalCon Szeged, Hungary 2008
DrupalCon DC 2009
DrupalCon Paris 2009
DrupalCon San Francisco 2010
DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010
DrupalCon Chicago 2011
I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed Drupal themes
I contributed Drupal documentation
I help in the Drupal support forums
I provide Drupal-related services
I contributed Drupal translations
I give support on IRC
I contributed Automated tests
I contributed Drupal patches