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United States
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Independent Contractor

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Karass Creative, Freelock, Imprev, Inc, City of Redmond, WA, Total Living Concept, PCS Moulding & Millwork, Movie-ola (Family Video Store), Brown Bear Car Wash
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Software, Web Development, Labor & Production, HVAC, Customer Service, Efficiency Consulting

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I started working with Drupal when I joined the Freelock team in 2011. This was my first job out of school. I took on a large number of different types of jobs between the years of 2000 and 2011, however - I had been a car-washer, a project manager, a laborer in construction services, an HVAC sales rep, a warehouse efficiency consultant, a video store clerk and a live-in caretaker before I recieved my first degree. One common thread throughout most of my career is working with small buisiness.

In my time with Freelock, I took on the role of Developer, then Project Manager, then Cheif Engineer before striking out on my own as a freelance Developer. Throughout my time I was consistently putting together Drupal systems as a back-end developer and designer (with some front-end work as well) and working with ownership to improve the development process and increase the shop's capacity.

I have worked with an array of different client organizations and assignments since starting with Drupal. The highlights of this list of projects include complex ecommerce solutions, membership management/rewards systems, educational group-to-group message and event sharing systems, and a project which integrated a content generation engine with a buissness workflow and a financial reports component.

As a person who has spent considerable time studying and working with platforms like C# and Java, I stick with Drupal for three reasons.

  1. It's not going anywhere. Oracle can't buy it out, and major changes won't come without considerable input from the community. With each year that passes, Drupal only becomes more stable without being turned on its head. Oh, and it gets more secure, too, as the community is vigilant for new attacks and exposed vulnerabilites
  2. It's Free Free as in Free Beer, Free as in Freedom. What's not to love?
  3. The project has merit The Drupal community not only empowers other drupal developers, but it empowers their clients. It provides software that, at its core at least, works extremely well. It provides a consistent default, baseline user experience and toolkit. It employs a fairly performant yet extensible platform on which to apply and develop new functionality, without having to dig deeply into a thousand miles of custom code to understand how it works. The list goes on. All of this comes with no licensing fees, weird contracts or terms. It just simply provides power to the user willing to employ it.


On Drupal.org for 6 years 8 months

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Ubercart/USPS patch

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I contributed Drupal patches