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South Africa
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Grans Meals

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Standard Yoke and Timber, Seventh Heaven Boarding Home, Studio7even
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Construction and Engineering, Multimedia, Hospitality

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26 March 1969, Ficksburg, Eastern Free State Farm
Sotho, Afrikaans, and English
Ficksburg Primary School
Ficksburg Academic High School
University of Pretoria (Bcompt Accounting)
Spur (while studying 2yrs), Wiehahn Meyernel Auditors (article clerk 2yrs), Taxcon
(article clerk1 yr), Trussworld (manager3yrs), Standard Yoke & Timber (Designer
5yrs), Seventh
Heaven Boarding home for the Aged (Owner 15yrs), Studio7even (Owner 5yrs)
Auditing, Accounting, CAD Design & Engineering, Software Programming & Web
Development, IT & Networking, Administration & Management, Professional
Graphic Design Artist, Videographer & Editor, Print Media
Adriaan Albertus Johannes Joubert (aka Ian) grew up on a farm in the cherry countryside (Eastern
Free State), close to a small town called Ficksburg. This atmosphere and surroundings influenced
his passion for outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, camping and hunting. As a toddler,
he found himself being disciplined and taught by his own mother at pre-­‐school, as she held the
position of headmistress. Ian adapted his perfectionist tendencies from the influence his mother
had on his behaviour and demeanor as a child.
Ian’s family derived strength and focus from hard work and dedication and his father set the
example, having worked two jobs most of his life; the first as a horticulturist with the biggest
fertilizer company in South Africa and the second (his passion), as a farmer. His business acumen
sprouted with the example of ownership his father had set with the farm.
Even at the tender age of 6, Ian displayed potential. He maintained top student status in his
younger years and continued to show group participation in sports activities like athletics, rugby
and tennis. Being a young Afrikaner boy raised by Sotho speaking people allowed Ian to break
away from the conformities of the apartheid system he lived under. Mentally, his brain was
programmed to look beyond what was just a surface layer and seek to find the inner being of
people he encountered.
His high school career was full of achievements and success, having been placed 5th in the Free
State in the chemistry Olympiad. He displayed such great promise, he was awarded bursaries to
study chemical engineering, but his passion for business pulled at his heartstrings and took him
into a different direction.
Ian participated in the annual Craven Week derbies, played chess, was selected for national teams
and maintained an A aggregate, matriculating with the title of Dux Scholar. His balance of social
graces with his work ethic made him popular and outstanding amongst his peers.
Channeling the business niche he had developed, Ian enrolled at the University of Pretoria with
the intention of completing his BCompt in accounting. He played U/19 Rugby for the Blue Bulls and
balanced life as an academic with his love for sport and socializing. A tragic knee-­‐injury put a halt
to his dreams of becoming a rugby player and with the pressure of the accident (best friend was
totally paralyzed) and being unable to excel in sports, Ian made the choice of putting his studies on
In the next few years, Ian lived in Ficksburg and Harrismith before meeting his wife, relocated once
more to Pietermaritzburg and settling down there. Together, they started 7th Heaven, an old age
home that was a cut above the rest in facilities, service and concern. This 9million rand business
prompted Ian to use his skills as an entrepreneur to start something that would jog his mind and
give new elements to his life that he was missing. And then Studio7even was born in 2006,
fresh-­‐faced and filled with potential. It started off small, managed out of his flat, but as business
grew, so did his vision and possibility for premises, prompting him to move into his first studio. He
later relocated to more convenient premises.
In these exciting times, Ian encountered some major traumatic experiences such as being hijacked
by a ruthless gang of 5, during which one of his staff member’s fathers was killed. He also was
diagnosed with a very rare but deadly syndrome, namely Guillain-­‐Barre Syndrome. This made him
spend more than 2 months in hospital (3 weeks in ICU), completely paralyzed. But with a strong
will and a clear mind he fought back these setbacks and is today the very individualistic yet people
orientated person with a unique outlook on life.
Ian is a creative mind, balanced impeccably between intellect and social EQ. He loves motivating
and encouraging people to dream and he is outcome-­‐oriented. His downfall of getting bored easily
began the milestone that is Studio7even, his pride and joy, the hub of the multimedia scope of
Pietermaritzburg. His style is most recognized and respected by industry players and he shows his
appreciation by bringing his resources back to the community through non-­‐profit initiatives like
the ChillSpot.
A neat and stylish dresser that loves to cook and bake, Ian Joubert is an all-­‐rounder: business,
community and socially oriented.
The following is a list of skills Ian Joubert has mastered over the years:
1. Accounting and Cost Accounting
2. Auditing and Analysis
3. Business Economics
4. Business Law and limited Taxation
5. Research, Sales and Marketing
6. Consulting and Planning
7. Administration and Management
1. Powerpoint, Excel and Word
2. Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro, Colour,
Motion and DVD Studio Pro
3. Premier Pro, Photoshop, Soundbooth,
After Effects, Flash, Acrobat,
Lightroom, Encore and Dreamweaver
4. HTML, CSS and Drupal
5. Pastel and Solution 6
6. Macintosh, PC and Internet
7. Sketchup, AutoCAD and SolidWorks
1. Idea Conceptualizing
2. Artistic Development
3. Colour Co-­‐ordination
4. Designing and Writing
1. Listening and Interpreting
2. Defining, Presenting and Reasoning
3. Negotiating and Persuading
4. Explaining, Teaching and Training
1. Ability to learn quickly
2. Highly adaptable
3. Ambitious and Confident
4. Attend to finest detail
5. Highly creative and resourceful
6. Dependable and timeous
7. Self motivating
8. High ability to solve problems
9. Very organised and orderly
10. Team leader abilities


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