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  1. Follow the change record to convert your .info file

    Visit admin/modules

    If you visit the Drupal 8 module administration page at admin/modules, you will notice that your module is not listed. In order for Drupal 8 to detect your module, you will need to update the module's .info file to a new YAML format.

    Rename to

    You can reuse the existing .info file and then convert it. Rename your file to

    Convert the file to the new YAML format

    Follow the instructions in the change record: .info files are now .info.yml files

    Tip: How to find the change record

    To find information on changes to .info files in Drupal 8:

    1. Visit the List of change records.
    2. Enter .info in the keyword field.
    3. Enter 8.x for the branch.
    4. Submit the form and look for the most relevant change records.


  2. Enable your module

    Reload and look for your module

    Once you've converted the file, reload admin/modules. You can use the new search field to locate your module:

    Debugging .info.yml files

    If the module is not listed correctly or cannot be enabled, see the troubleshooting tips for debugging .info.yml files.

    Enable your module and start debugging!

    Now, enable the module and see what happens! If you get a fatal error or white screen of death, try some of the common debugging techniques.

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