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United States
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Vice President, Audience
Savannah Morning News

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Morris DigitalWorks, Cox Interactive Media, McClatchy, Cowles Media
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Newspaper, publishing, internet, broadcasting

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On for 13 years 4 days

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I'm Vice President/Audience for the Savannah Morning News, a newspaper in the United States and part of the Morris Publishing Group.

Early in 2005, I used Drupal to create, a community website that was one of the first newspaper applications of Drupal and opened many eyes to the potential of Drupal. Since then we've adopted Drupal as our preferred core platform at all 13 of our daily newspapers. I also do a bit of external consulting and Drupal site development work, such as, a women's basketball site.

I speak and teach at journalism conferences and workshops around the world, and recommend Drupal as a solution to implement the "participative model" that I advocate for local news sites.

I'm an administrator for the Newspapers on Drupal group.

I've contributed a couple of Drupal 6 modules that are more or less obsolete these days.

Oh yeah, also, I taught Ken Rickard how to write a function. I've been pretty amazed by the results. :-)

I'm on Twitter as @yelvington.

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DrupalCon Barcelona 2007


I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I help in the Drupal support forums