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Associate Software Engineer

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IT, Non-Profit

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Drupal a little while ago sounded Chinese or Japanese which I would obviously not understand. But today when I see it's I have come a really really long way now.
For a person who is not introduced to the world of web technologies and Content Management systems Drupal never appeared to be my cup of tea ever.
When I first heard the philosophy of Drupal
"COME FOR CODE &STAY FOR COMMUNITY" it triggered some driving feeling to get involved and explore.
With that same feeling I have joined the Drupal Hyderabad Group. Eventually became a Organiser for Drupal Camp Hyderabad 2017.
Since then my journey has been quite interesting. I have see the community grow.
All the meetups, codesprits, webinars did help.
Newbeeis who come to community, their intrests, their stories, their spirt of contributing for Drupal always inspires me, and will keep inspiring me.
Looking forward for a larger community with a huge global network.

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 1 year

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I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I contributed Drupal translations
I reviewed Project applications
I help mentor new contributors