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United Kingdom
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purkiss ltd.

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Enders Analysis,,, European Broadcasting Union, Manchester University (Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change), Cartoon Network, Disney, HolyMoly, Books for Keeps (Children's Book Reviews online), Mazda, ATI, Volkswagen, British Telecom, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Royal Commonwealth Society, B&Q (Kingfisher Group PLC)
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Celebrating 35 years since I wrote my first line of code ;) Spent the last 28 of those working in the industry starting at a local IT reseller but quickly moving into programming, initially on IBM AS/400s in RPG. Swiftly moved on to Java J2EE before finally settling on PHP. Have always had a keen interest on the marketing of IT as have had to watch sales people sell stuff they know little about then tell coders they have a couple of weeks to code it in.

Have been lucky enough to work with household names, and am more adept at working on larger scale sites than brochureware. Am an avid networker and am keen to travel as much as I possibly can.

Have 17 years of CMS experience, the last 11 of those specialising in Drupal.

Was one of the first "At Large" Directors of the Drupal Association in 2012.


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11 years 3 months
Over 10 edits
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I founded the Brighton Drupal User Group in 2008 when I moved there in 2008 and helped to grow it through regular meetings, camps, and other local events until I moved out of Brighton in 2016:

In 2012 I was the first ever Director of The Drupal Association elected by an open community vote:

For the last four years I have been dipping my toes into contributing code to the project. So far I have helped out on 11 issues in Drupal 8 Core:

In 2014/5 I helped the Drupal Rules project upgrade from 7 to 8, including organising and running a sprint at DrupalCon Los Angeles. I also have 11 commits in Rules:

In 2016 I started to use DrupalConsole, wanted to find out how I could contribute so attended a sprint in London at the end of July and have just submitted my first pull request for a field:info command:

My main interest apart from enjoying developing code and helping out where needed is promoting people and projects doing interesting, innovative, and worthwhile pursuits. This includes: - the kernel of Drupal's native CRM functionality which I believe will disrupt the CRM industry. I have implemented native Drupal CRM for clients whom have all been delighted with the integrated approach and enabled investment directly into their own infrastructure as opposed to outsourcing to a SAAS product. - functionality which is helping communities around the world exchange value using decentralised virtual currencies.

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Drupal Events: 
DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010
DrupalCon Chicago 2011
DrupalCon London 2011
DrupalCon Denver 2012
DrupalCon Munich 2012
DrupalCon Prague 2013
DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014
DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015
DrupalCon Dublin 2016

Credited on 8 issues fixed in the past 1 year


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