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United States
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Gravital Digital

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Companies Worked For
Maui Ocean Center, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, VHA, Memorex Telex
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Technology, Communication, Insurance, Healthcare, Attraction, Hospitality

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Chinese, Simplified

Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile page. I'm a professional digital marketer, developer and data analyst with over 15 years of experience working with mid-level to multinational companies.

During my career, I've served many companies as a marketing professional, digital developer, and data analyst. I've been fortunate to have managed hundreds of projects in the areas of technology, communications, insurance, health care, attraction/tourism and the arts.

In 140 characters, I help companies drive growth with lean analytics programs that support digital marketing teams and developers in continuously improving their sites and apps for customer value.

I'm currently working with great talent at Gravital Digital, a firm I helped to launch. I'm now managing an office in the Orlando, Florida supporting clients in the areas of satellite communications, GPS technology and broadband services.


• Digital marketing strategy, marketing data systems & analysis, and program management
• Consulting with marketing leaders/teams to optimize customer reach, engagement, and outcomes
• Supporting eCommerce, SaaS and mobile app developers with metrics-driven iteration processes
• Integrating 3rd-party marketing automation, analytics and testing vendor platforms and data


Florida State University
Bachelor of Science, Communication Studies
School of Communication and Information


Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Google Mobile App Analytics
Smart Insights Digital Marketing Strategy

Tech Proficiency

Programming: JavaScript, PHP, SQL;
Familiarity with many JS/PHP frameworks/libraries, common APIs, templating engines, preprocessors, version control & deployment; Drupal and WordPress.

Design: HTML5, CSS and the DOM;
Experience with many front-end boilerplates, CSS preprocessors and common API/UI libraries; Knowledge of RWD, AWD, Video, SVG, Parallax, Flat Design, etc.


Digital Analytics Association
Member since 2010

Drupal Association Member
Contributor since 2008
Active in Drupal Groups Florida


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7 years 1 month
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Drupal Contributions: document documentation and basic bug fixes.

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Site builder
Project Manager
Digital Marketing
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DrupalCon Austin 2014
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