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Loves to dabble, has worked with numerous technologies and programming languages: PL/SQL, COBOL, JAVA, PHP, JCL, HTML, CSS, databases: Oracle, DB2, IMS, and MySQL and supporting technologies TOAD, MVS, LINUX amongst others.

Loves to learn stuff outside of work environment: foreign languages, and health care. I have taken a few graduate courses in Library Science (back end web formation) and Computer Science (Computer Architecture.)

I wish I could speak: French, German and Spanish fluently but find English is hard enough. I am currently learning Linux and try to follow trends in WEB, Database, and Programming. In my second life (post-post-retirement) I will be ... some thing else....whatever is the next thing.... it will be a time to explore.

Current Sabbatical: October 2016 to present (ending June 2017)
Programmer Analyst, IBM - Center for Applied Innovation , 2015 - September 2016
Senior Systems Analyst, Student Systems, University of South Carolina 1989-2014
Graduated with a degree in Computer Science


On for 3 years 11 months

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