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United States
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Systems Admin
Johnson Accounting Inc

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United Launch Alliance, The Boeing Company
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Aerospace, Accounting

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I believe I can make the claim of being a native Floridian. In growing up on the Space Coast I followed NASA manned Apollo and Shuttle programs. I also followed unmanned programs; the Titan, Atlas and Delta rockets hurling all kinds of payloads into orbit for an array of customers. My dream came to fruition as I have worked on all of these projects in one way or another for twenty plus years, including my dream job of launching Delta rockets. My primary role was maintaining 30+ workstations in a Unix based network. I also installed and verified databases used in the command and control of rocket testing from receiving to launch. I have always been hands-on with hardware and the relationship to the software driving it. The Unix/Linux environment I worked in opened my interest to Drupal, thus my present endeavor in Drupal training. My goals are to continue my training in Drupal; become proficient and marketable such that working with organization in need becomes reality. Also, I would like to become part of the Drupal community and contribute. Presently I maintain an accounting office network running tax return & bookkeeping programs to service over 300 clients. I would be able to devote any time to any Drupal opportunity that may present itself.


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I hope to help support and grow the Drupal community with recent Drupal Association membership