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Education, Health, Entertainment, Finance, Social Networking, Trading

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I have been working with Drupal for 6+ years now. Drupal is one of the best things that has happened to me (my son tops the list). I've learnt technology, web, database, JS, web services, server architecture, etc - almost everything through Drupal. And evaluated the same with its competitors. I run a focussed Drupal shop with some of my friends, from India. We have 2 offices - one in Kolkata, and the other in Jaipur. Drupal is our forte, and we have delivered solutions to clients across the globe, creating the right drupal information architecture, using the most apt contributed modules, creating custom modules in true drupal fashion and scaling drupal sites for high traffic.

My key strengths are understanding of Drupal core - the codebase and the database architecture. I have used a lot of contributed modules and customized them from time to time. Have written a good number of custom modules (yet to be ported to, I'm hopeful of that happening sometime soon).

I've been actively participating in all Drupal events / meetups and have been successful in initiating quite a lot of them. I'd love to see Drupal's reach in India to expand both in demand and supply. We need more startups to help get students acquainted + large corporates / products see the benefits. And we are slowly getting there.

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Drupal Evangelist
Information architect
team lead
Web Developer
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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014


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