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Web Developer
UCSC Baskin School of Engineering

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I am a Web Developer at the Baskin School of Engineering at University of California, Santa Cruz.

In 1983 I fell in love for the first time. It was an Apple IIe with 2 floppy disk drives. I learned to program it in basic and played games and even helped print mailing labels for a local politician.

Since then I have had many loves and am proud to have been a part of the internet through university since 1991.

In 1998 I got my first job at a web development shop as a project manager. Since then, I have had many jobs working in application development including programmer, project manager, designer and information architect. I’ve worked with a really great set of clients from large corporations, to small business owners. Each site I have done I’ve brought passion and professionalism to create a great site that meets their needs.

I worked with an extremely talented group of developers. Hook 42 has meant opportunity for me to become part of a close work family, and to join an open source community and to grow my skills as a front-end developer. There I became an expert in responsive design and cutting-edge front-end development.

Currently, I work for the Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC as their Web Developer. I am responsible for hundreds of sites and supporting faculty and staff. It's a great gig and a wonderful group of people.

When I’m not doing that, I’m mother to 3 crazy kids who keep me busy going to the beach, building Legos, and creating all kinds of crazy things as a maker. I am very fortunate.


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Presenter at DrupalCon Baltimore, BadCAMP, Stanford Drupal Camp, Drupal North, Santa Cruz DUG

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* JavaScript * CSS3 * HTML5 * SASS * Frontend * Drupal Theming * Custom theme development * GIT
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DrupalCon Portland 2013
DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015
DrupalCon New Orleans 2016
DrupalCon Baltimore 2017

Credited on 6 issues fixed in the past 1 year

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kristindev helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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